Monday 15 August 2022

Hot Outside and Cold Inside – How Condensation Can Cause Problems in Your Home

Posted by at 4:55 AM

Condensation can form anywhere where warm and cold air collide. You may see it most often on the side of drink containers or even on your bathroom mirror after a long, hot shower. While condensation in small amounts isn’t something you should be worried about inside your home but it could be an indicator of a larger issue.

Condensation doesn’t just show up in the summertime. Warm air inside your home and colder air outside of your home can also cause condensation to form, but it will usually freeze on your windows or doors rather than drip like it does in the summer. If you notice frosty areas of your home in the winter and drippy or wet areas in your home in the summer, it could be a sign of an insulation issue. Double check to see if your windows and doors have weather strips or have adequate insulation around them to keep them at a reasonable temperature.

You can also consider running a dehumidifier during the hot summer months to pull some of the moisture out of the air. Running a dehumidifier can stop that moisture from settling in on your walls, carpet, furniture, and other surfaces and prevent giving your home a musty smell.

If you find that the condensation is especially bad in your bathrooms and kitchen, you may want to consider adding a fan or other appliance to help circulate the air. This movement can help prevent moisture from settling in once place and causing water staining or damage from forming.

Excess water in your carpets, walls, ceilings, or windows can cause water damage down the road in your home.  If you notice a strong wet or musty smell in your home, chances are this water damage has already started.  Call our team of professionals to come and assess your home for the source of this water damage. We can provide helpful tips and fixes to make sure the source of the water is stopped and no more damage occurs!