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5 Summer BBQ Grilling Safety Tips

Whether you haul out the barbecue every summer or use yours all year long, you need to think about safety every time you fire it up. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), grills cause an average of 8,900 house fires and send over 19,700 people to the hospital each year. Grilling produces flames and creates hot surfaces, and children and adults who come into contact with either are at risk for severe burns.

Safety Precautions While Barbecuing

Before you cook your next meal over the fire, here are five summer BBQ safety tips you can use all year long:

1. Clean Your Grill

Many foods cooked on the grill produce grease and leave fatty residues. When these collect, they become fire hazards that could flare up when you least expect it. Regular cleaning with a spatula, wire brush, or another scraping tool will keep fat and grease under control. When you need to get serious, clean your grill with soap and water, and soak your grate in the same solution overnight.

2. Check for Leaks

If you have a gas grill, check the lines and connections at the beginning of every season, and each time you change your tank to make sure you are free of leaks. Checking is easy, and you can use your soap and water mixture to do it. Wipe your lines and connections down, and check to see if any bubbles start to form. Bubbles indicate an air leak, and you can take the appropriate action to fix it.

3. Position Your Grill

When it is time to start cooking, move your grill a safe distance away from your home, outbuildings, patio furniture, fence, and anything else that could catch fire. For most grills, 10 feet is sufficient to protect your property from damage, but always take more space if you feel it is necessary. Keeping your grill on a stable and level surface will help prevent any accidents from happening.

4. Get an Extinguisher

Keeping a fire extinguisher near your grill is an excellent habit to build, and one that could save you thousands in property damage. Fire extinguishers use an A, B, C labeling system to list what types of fires they extinguish. For fires caused by gas and accelerants, you will want one with the letter B included on the label. Be sure to find one you feel comfortable using, and keep it charged.

5. Command Your Grill

If you have a fire going in your grill, make sure you always stay nearby in the event of an emergency. Fires spread fast, and if you are not ready to respond with your fire extinguisher, you could lose the upper hand. Staying near your grill is one of our top summer BBQ safety tips, and will help make sure no adults, children or pets wander too close and suffer an injury.

Recover Fast Following a Fire

Even if you follow all of our BBQ grilling safety tips, accidents can still happen. If they do, we can help you recover. At Disaster Restoration Services, we provide complete residential fire restorations, and we will negotiate with your insurance carrier on your behalf to make sure you get the high-quality service you need and deserve. To learn more about our offerings, or to request an emergency fire restoration service in Eagle or Summit County, call 800-313-6968 today or contact us online.



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