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Mold Remediation


24/7 Mold Mitigation Services

Mold is a common concern after any past or recent water damage. You can find it throughout tiles and cabinets, in kitchens and bathrooms, within attic sheeting and basement walls and in door and window jambs. At Disaster Restoration Services, our team is dedicated to helping keep your home healthy and comfortable with our comprehensive mold and mildew remediation services throughout the Vail Valley.

Our complete mold restoration services — including mold and mildew extraction services, deodorization and disinfecting clothing and contents— and understanding of the most effective mold remediation tools and techniques allow our highly trained and IICRC certified specialists to provide personalized solutions designed to meet your immediate needs, long-term expectations and budget.

Mold Mitigation Specialists

Mold is often lurking in dark, dank corners of your home, and most homeowners ignore the common signs of mold growth after recent water damages. Mold growth in your home can lead to minor health discomforts such as sneezing and sore throat or significant health hazards such as respiratory problems.

If you suspect your home may have mold or mildew growth, trust Disaster Restoration Services to help. Our extensively trained and IICRC certified mold restoration specialists will arrive promptly at your home with fully loaded trucks ready to handle any type of mold infestation, large or small. We'll thoroughly inspect your home and identify the extent of your mold growth, then use the most advanced equipment and solutions available to perform effective and lasting services.

At Disaster Restoration Services, we can help with a wide range of mold restoration and remediation services, including:

  • Mold and mildew identification and removal
  • Flooring, wall and structural material replacement
  • Caulking bathroom and kitchen surfaces
  • Cleaning air ducts
  • Repairing plumbing fixtures
  • Disinfecting and cleaning clothing and furnishings
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How it Works

Mold and mildew growth can be incredibly harmful to the health and quality of your home. That's why the experts at Disaster Restoration Services work quickly to address the problem, remediate the area and prevent the spread of spores. For every mold restoration project, we follow an exact process, including:

1. Inspection – Determine pre-existing conditions, identify all affected areas & cause/source, determine the scope of work, discuss all findings/ mitigation recommendations/steps with client & answer any questions.

2. Proposal/Work Plan – Develop a work plan for mitigation and provide an estimate of costs. Answer any questions and further discuss all the options available to the client. 

3. Mitigation – Set up safety controls, in accordance with IICRC standards, to ensure contamination cannot spread during mitigation (containment chambers, negative air, floor/content protection, PPE etc.) Remove all non-salvageable affected materials. Complete detailed vacuuming to remove all settled mold spores. Treat all affected structural materials with non-toxic, top of the line fungicidal products. Remove all staining from structural materials with a combination of fungicidal stain remove and abrasive cleaning.

4. Post Remediation Verification – After final cleaning, conduct post-remediation verification by third party IEP to confirm the efficacy of microbial remediation.


Within an hour of calling, our team is dispatched and ready to work.


We stop the damage with industry-leading tools and experience.


Our certified professionals are skilled in restoring your location.

Reliable Mold Restoration and Remediation Services Only at Disaster Restoration Services

At Disaster Restoration Services, we pride ourselves on providing the most complete mold and mildew restoration and remediation services and establishing long-lasting, trusted relationships with all of our customers throughout the Vail Valley.

For the best and most effective mold restoration solutions — complete with 24-hour response times and free service estimates — contact the skilled experts at Disaster Restoration Services today by calling our local office or filling out our online scheduling form.

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"We had an early morning fire in our home and were very fortunate to find DRS. They started the renovation process immediately, were very professional, and took care of every detail. A bad situation handled with expert care. We would highly recommend their services."

Jerry & Lisa, Avon, CO.

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