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Fire Restoration

over 30 years of combined industry experience

Fire and Smoke Restoration & Rebuilds

The aftermath of a recent home fire can feel devastating and overwhelming. However, by contacting the fire restoration experts at Disaster Restoration Services, you can quickly and effectively return your home to its pre-loss condition. Once the smoke clears, you may find a variety of damages that aren't just limited to fire and smoke, but also water infiltration and flooding. The best solution for completely remediating these fire-related damages throughout your home is by trusting a knowledgeable and skilled fire restoration company. That's where the trained and certified team at Disaster Restoration Services comes in.

With over 30 years of combined industry experience, consistent remediation training and access to the latest tools and equipment available, the fire damage restoration experts at Disaster Restoration Services are the Vail Valley's most trusted professionals for addressing fire, smoke and water damages. Our fire cleanup team is committed to providing fast, comprehensive fire restoration solutions, dedicated to restoring your family's peace of mind and returning your home to its pre-loss condition.

Fire and Smoke Restoration & Rebuild Experts

Home fires are a common disaster for homeowners ranging from appliance malfunctions to cooking mishaps to natural fires. No matter what caused the fire to spread throughout your home, homeowners should avoid attempting to restore or remediate the property. A trained professional with access to the proper industry tools and safety gear should remove smoke and fire damages and clear any water-damaged items for the most effective results.

The team at Disaster Restoration Services acts quickly after a recent home fire to reduce damages — our experts are available to answer service calls 24-hours per day, seven days a week, and will dispatch a team to your home within an hour of your call.

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How it Works

1. Inspection – Our professionals walk the damaged building and get an overall view of the damage. At this time we proactively identify any potential issues that may arise during the mitigation process.

2. Contacting Insurance – Disaster Restoration Services will also facilitate communication with your insurance carrier throughout the entirety of the insurance claim to make sure all sides agree as to how to mitigate the damage. This will allow you to focus on your family during this stressful time.

3.Content Manipulation/Cleaning (Fabrics and Clothing) – Disaster Restoration Services will start by moving clothing and contents that contain fabrics out of the affected area quickly. Time is of the essence when addressing smoke damaged contents. Smoke is naturally acidic and will damage fabrics beyond repair if not dealt with quickly. Also during this step we store them at an offsite location or onsite in a pod/container so that they are ready to go after the structure is cleaned and ready for occupants.

4. Contents Manipulation/Cleaning (Hard Furniture, Art, Collectables and Electronics) – The other side of the contents cleaning is the salvageable hard furniture and electronics. If a piece of hard furniture is deemed salvageable, we have a plethora of solutions and solvents that we can use to clean soot off of the contents. They can then be stored in an offsite location or onsite pod/container. In the case of the electronics, we have a specialty company that comes and takes the electronics to an offsite location and puts them in an ultrasonic bath for cleaning.

5. Structure Cleaning – After all of the contents are moved out of the structure, we start the cleaning and demolition process of the structure. At this time it is paramount to make sure that all parties are on the same page in regards to what is cleaned and what is demolished. As with the hard furniture, there are solutions and solvents that can be used to clean smoke damaged building materials. If there is burned areas, they have to be demolished/removed from the structure and replaced with fresh materials.

6. Final Steps – When all of the above steps are completed we have a few final steps that are used to complete the cleaning process. High end thermal fogging and hydroxyl generators are used to disperse odor-eliminating compounds throughout your homes natural air currents, penetrating any and all hidden/hard to reach areas. This make sure that there aren’t any smoke smells that linger in the structure before the reconstruction starts. These final steps are often imperative in releasing odors that become trapped within small crevices of structure materials and can’t be accessed by other cleaning tasks. 

7. Complete Rebuilds after Remediation – Rebuilding your home requires that all safety issues are taken care of and the home's structure is as good as it ever was. Our team of professionals are here to rebuild the place you call home. 

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Fire Damage Restoration & Complete Rebuilds Across the Vail Valley

Every fire-related disaster is unique and requires different techniques and restoration approaches to completely remove the effects of smoke, fire and water damages. Leftover ash, smoke and extinguishing materials can corrode structural elements and materials, and smoke odors can linger and lead to unwanted health concerns and stain your possessions.

At Disaster Restoration Services, we offer the most complete and effective fire damage restoration services throughout the Vail Valley area, and our comprehensive remediation process includes:

  • Evaluating damages
  • Isolating hazardous areas and removing damaged items
  • Performing water damage remediation
  • Removing soot, ash and tar residue
  • Deodorizing and eliminating smoke residue
  • Restoring structural components
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"We had an early morning fire in our home and were very fortunate to find DRS. They started the renovation process immediately, were very professional, and took care of every detail. A bad situation handled with expert care. We would highly recommend their services."

Jerry & Lisa, Avon, CO.

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