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Amazing company! Not only do they do a fantastic job, but they also truly care about their customers.

I have used DRS on several occasions and they have done a fantastic job. Ian is so helpful and responsive!

I manage a number of private and rental homes in the valley and I know how important it is to get a team quickly on site when things are turning upside down. One of my homeowners had just arrived to spend the month in their home. A week after arrival, with a house full of family, they had what was just a little wet spot on the floor the prior evening to a whole bedroom floor drenched with water. I called DRS and before I had time to finish the voicemail I received a text that they would call me back. They called me back a minute later. DRS was there within 30 minutes to assess the situation. They had all the equipment needed to stabilize the room while I had a team up on the roof to work on the ice dam that had formed and was melting. With the team's arrival, the homeowner's worries were immediately eased. They scrambled and were able to manage the problem and not have to move the large family to another location. What a relief to the owner and to me. We felt so taken care of and well cared for. Thank you DRS.

They also removed mice infested insulation and installed a crawlspace vapor lock dampness barrier. Ian and his crew were very responsive, professional, polite, prompt and efficient. The quality and thoroughness of their work is obvious and excellent. There was a delay (2 days) in getting his insulation contract guys but he was very communicative and clear they were worth the wait and I agree. All in all, a great service experience!